2022-11-17 – Automatic typesetting using LuaLaTeX

At the CSTUG general meeting I gave a talk on responsive design and automated typesetting using LuaLaTeX. I demonstrated the use of the Responsive, Luavlna, Linebreaker and Lua-widow-control packages. You can find a recording of the talk and slides on the CSTUG website. They are only in Czech unfortunatelly, but I hope that it can be useful for someone anyway.



I am a developer of TeX4ht, a converter from LaTeX to HTML, OpenDocument Format, and other XML-based formats.

Supporting Packages

Documentation and Showcases

LaTeX Packages

My LaTeX packages that are not related to LaTeX to HTML conversion:


Unfinished Projects and Work in Progress

I have a habit to start lot of projects in my hyper-focus seasons. Unfortunately, I often left then unfinished, or mostly finished, but without documentation. Here is a list of these, that are most interesting for me.

Other Projects

I have more FOSS projects on my GitHub page.


I am Michal, librarian and FOSS developer from Prague, Czechia. I wanted to make a proper homepage for a long time. I always had too big plans, but I procrastinated on other projects. As it became obvious that I am not going to finish all my plans, I decided to create a minimal page and start from here. I will gradually fill in more info, and hopefully, also add some articles in the future.

What is Kodymirus

Kodymirus was an arthropod that lived in the Lower Cambrian period in area of today's Brdy Hills, central Bohemia. It is one of the oldest fossils that can be found in Czechia. Why I choose this name for this site? It doesn't have any deep meaning. I just like Brdy and paleontology, and found this name funny. That's all.